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Acupuncture is a time-tested science that encourages the repair, growth, recovery, and balance of all body systems by stimulating the body’s own natural and innate ability to heal. It is well known as an excellent and effective aid in the treatment of all manner of pain. However, it’s real benefit extends to all aspects of the body, including hormonal, metabolic, stress, lymphatic, cardiovascular, and so much more. There is no system that acupuncture does not effect.

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Traditional Chinese

Herbal Medicine


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Traditional Chinese herbal theory is an incredibly complicated and profound description of human physiology and pathology. With roots stretching back to foundational texts written in the 2nd century, it has benefited from an elaboration of theory and clinical application through scholarly debate and discourse for the past 1800 years, right up to the present day. The sheer volume of texts and discourses (numbering in the hundreds of thousands) of this living tradition is staggering, and shows Chinese herbal medicine to be the most sophisticated herbal medicine system in the world.

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Zen Meditation

Instructions & Practice

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Would your quality of life be better if you didn’t feel overwhelmed, stressed, or frustrated by events beyond your control? Would your relationships with family and friends be deeper and more meaningful if you were not emotionally triggered? Mindfulness meditation offers you a chance to directly connect to and experience a deeper, more authentic mind, that is unaffected by the comings and goings of life. This mind has always been there, hidden in plain sight. All that is needed is slow down and see it.This meditation practice has nothing to due with instant gratification, or projecting pleasant mind-states. Rather, this is practice in knowing who you are at a core level, in any given moment, and being able to respond clearly and authentically from this place.

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Qigong Exercises

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Qigong exercises are a subtle, yet profound longevity practice. Like yoga, it is primarily a breath practice coordinated with different physical movements. In fact, the true meaning of Qi is very close to breath, not energy, as is often thought. The mind and the body are connected by the breath. It is where the conscious mind meets the subconscious. Therefore, it is where the conscious mind can influence and guide otherwise hidden, unconscious bodily functions. This is why it can have such a big impact on digestive, hormonal, and neurological health. It is has been shown that the controlled breath work of qigong balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and leads to a healthier, more adaptive neurotransmitter profile.

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Nourishing & Relaxing



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We provide Cupping Therapy to treat back pain, muscle tightness and inflammation allowing new healthy blood to nourish and relax tight muscle tissue. Cupping Therapy is the use of glass or plastic cups to gently, but strongly lift the skin and fascia from painful, stagnant areas of the body. This suction, draws old, stagnant blood out of areas of chronic tension and tightness, and allows new, healthy blood to nourish and relax the tight muscle tissue. Once new blood is able to enter the area, the muscle can begin to heal and repair damage. As the area heals, pain, inflammation, congestion, and muscle tightness relieve and resolve. This technique is very effective for most kinds of shoulder and back pain, especially if overtaxed muscles are causing shortness of breath.

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Tuina Massage


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Medicine Grove provides Tuina Massage which is intense and invigorating involving muscle/tendon plucking and rolling techniques for muscle pain and healthy blood flow. Tui na is a Chinese form of body work meaning “push” and “grasp”. It involves muscle/tendon plucking and rolling techniques, among others, and is highly effective at breaking stagnant knots and adhesions, and bringing healthy blood flow back into an area. Tui na differs from some other forms of massage, such as Swedish, in that its goal is not relaxation, and generally does not involve the entire body. Rather, it is generally quite intense and invigorating to specific areas of pain. Tui na further differs from deep tissue and shiatsu in that it’s technique is much quicker and has a specific vibrating quality.

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