Mindfulness Zen Meditation in Madison, WI

I am available to meet and teach Zen meditation practice methods or explore philosophy for anyone who wants a personal, one-on-one discussion.

Or, check out the following meditation groups:
Madison Rinzai Zen Weekly Meditation & Monastery
Madison Soto Zen Community
Madison Tibetan Buddhist Community

Mindfulness Zen Meditation Instruction

One-on-One Mindfulness Meditation Instruction is encouraged for people wishing to work on emotional or physical aspects of meditation practice. This includes meditation, qigong, and emotional balancing techniques.

Here are just some of the potential benefits of Mindfulness Meditation practice:

  • Greater personal clarity and self-understanding
  • Improved mental focus and memory
  • Better intuition and understanding of people
  • More emotional balance
  • Stronger willpower
  • Increased happiness
  • More like-ability
  • Overall improvement in life satisfaction
  • Stress reduction
  • General improvement of stress-related health issues

Mindfulness practice is well-suited to the following personalities:

  1. Honest/truthful
  2. Inquisitive/seeking
  3. Driven/accomplished

Mindfulness practice is not well-suited for those who:

  1. Want a quick fix
  2. Aren't willing to be honest and make personal changes
  3. Aren’t willing to commit to themselves or a personal practice
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