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Medicine Grove is a conveniently located Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinic in Madison WI. The clinic specializes in whole body care using Classical methodologies of Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Qi Gong, and Zen meditation. Medicine Grove is committed to the dedicated patient who wants to understand and transform their life from the inside out.

Medicine Grove focuses on complicated issues, such as digestive health, hormonal imbalance, stress-related disorders and other chronic conditions. (The clinic also treats simple aches and pains, too!)

The patient who will get the most out of the clinic is deeply committed to their own health (even if they are not healthy yet!), is able to be honest about their condition and make any appropriate lifestyle changes. This patient is interested in having a healthier, happier, and fundamentally different, relationship with their body, mind and life.

Patients who will not get the most out of the clinic are those looking for a quick fix, or to forget the problem without learning what the problem was trying to teach.

Lastly, it is important to realize that healing occurs in the relationship between the patient and practitioner. It is an involved and dynamic process, that is done WITH the patient, not TO the patient.

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Medicine Grove Acupuncture
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