Oriental Medicine Treatment FAQs

Are you new to classical acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine treatments? You will find answers to frequently asked questions from patients. Contact Medicine Grove and Matthew Wagner, Licensed Acupuncturist and Cerfieid Herbalist with your questions.

How long do appointments take?

The Initial Consultation appointment takes 90 minutes if all of the New Patient Packet has been reviewed and necessary forms already filled-out when arriving to the appointment.

Follow-up appointment for acupuncture treatment takes 60 minutes.

Mindfulness one-on-one training takes 60 minutes.


How much do treatments cost?

Initial Consultation appointment is $120 for 90 minutes.

Drop-in acupuncture treatment is $90 for 60 minutes.  

Each patient will have a customized treatment plan which will include options for package pricing.  Please inquire in more detail by contacting us.  

What should I expect after my treatment?

Matthew Wagner, L.Ac. will discuss with you what possible effects you may feel following treatment. Depending upon the nature of the complaint, you may feel better right away, or it may take several days for you to notice any difference. Rarely, a condition may intensify briefly before it resolves. As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding treatment, be sure to talk with Matthew as soon as possible. During the first visit, Matthew will give you a Chinese Medical perspective on the condition, as well as a proposed course of treatment. As every individual is different, it is difficult to state definitively how many visits will be necessary for you. In subsequent treatments, after we can see how you respond to therapy, we will have a much better idea of your prognosis.

What should I expect during my initial consultation visit?

During your initial consultation visit, we will begin with an in-depth assessment of both the complaint for which you are seeking treatment and your overall physiological predisposition.  This initial intake allows Matthew to see your complaint from all angles, so that they are able to give you the best treatment for your needs. 

During this initial intake, you may be asked questions that seem unrelated to your condition.  This gives Matthew a better idea of how your whole body works, so that the underlying cause of the condition can be identified.  This is an important step in the process.  We are all unique individuals, and our treatment cannot be one-size fits all. This initial treatment, including intake, may last an hour and a half.  During the initial treatment, you will be recommended to receive acupuncture, herbs, body work, or all three.  Afterward, you and Matthew will discuss your evaluation, including prognosis, recommendations for further treatment, lifestyle changes, etc.

What should I expect during the follow-up acupuncture treatment visits?

During your follow-up acupuncture treatment visits, the intake will be much shorter, and will focus on how your condition has changed since the last visit. The treatment methods used during any given treatment may change to reflect how your condition has changed. The total time will last one hour.