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Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine & Mindfulness Meditation - Alternative Health Care for the Madison, Wisconsin Community.

Life makes many demands, and it’s easy for us to put these demands before our own health. Only later do we experience the effects of this stress. Aches and pains, stress, poor digestion, fatigue, sleeping disorders, hormonal imbalance, and skin conditions are just some of the many ways chronic stress can impact one’s life.

When you’re are in the midst of it, it’s hard to know where to even begin reclaiming your health, and reshaping your life into the energetic and vibrant person you know you are.

You DO have the strength within you to transform. What you need are the right tools, and the right self-understanding to do so.

At Medicine Grove, we’ll work together to reconnect you with your own ability to heal. Together, we’ll look at those barriers in your life which are standing in your way, be they physical, functional, or mental, and work towards unlocking your innate healing potential.

Find out how natural and effective alternative health care with acupuncture, herbal medicine and mindfulness meditation can help you and your family. 

The results from the treatments are nothing short of miraculous.

I am very thankful that Matthew Wagner with Medicine Grove, Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Clinic of Madison was recommended by a family member. I experienced chronic back pain for over three years. The results from Matt's treatments are nothing short of miraculous. Within a few months the back pain is gone along with various other symptoms I had accepted as part of life and the aging process. Recently I had intense shoulder pain and within two treatments my shoulder feels better than ever. Matt's wisdom and expertise in my opinion are unequaled. I am truly amazed by the improvements to my life thanks to Matt Wagner. B.U. - Madison, WI - Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatments

Acupuncture with Matt has completely given me my life back.

Acupuncture with Matt has completely given me my life back. I came to him after trying everything else to help my lower back - which was going numb when I walked and causing me extensive pain. This pain was keeping me from walking far or doing basic household tasks - and I'm 37. Matt learned about my issues and described what he was seeing in a way I had never heard...and it made perfect sense. After just a couple of treatments I could feel a huge improvement. I saw him often for a few months and the pain was gone. Now I just go in for tune ups. During my tune ups I have gotten help for other problems too. Acupuncture with Matt has given me great relief from anxiety. If I go more than a month without a tune up I can really tell...even if my back feels fantastic my mood needs a visit. I highly recommend Matt to everyone I know who has health issues. By all means, give it a try!! Kate A. - Madison, WI - Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatments

He has helped me to feel better than I thought was possible.

Finding Matt has been a blessing to me. He is skilled, insightful and kind. Using acupuncture, herbs and his knowledge of Chinese Medicine, Matt has helped me with issues including digestion, nutrition, long term pain, skin irritation, and headaches. He has helped me to feel better than I thought was possible. If you are looking for someone that will treat you as a whole person, this is the place to go. Korey Kopp - Madison, WI - Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatments

I highly recommend him for all types of ailments.

I've received absolutely amazing results from Matt's acupuncture and herbal medicine treatments over the years. I highly recommend him for all types of ailments. His herbal medicine and acupuncture knowledge and experience is top notch, I know that from being treated by many practitioners in the past. S. A. - Madison, WI - Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatments

Whenever I have a problem, I go see Matt, and he patches right up.

I suffered from nausea and heartburn that got much worse after work stress. I went to my GP, who advised me to get an upper g.i endoscopy, and a test for H. Pylori. He didn't seem convinced that the endoscopy would find anything, but wanted to rule out major issues. In the end, his suggestion was prescription heartburn meds. Well, I couldn't afford the tests, and I didn't like the side effects of the medication. My son suggested I go see Matthew. Being a very skeptical person, it took a lot of convincing. As I walked into the office I was prepared for a lot of nonsense. But, I was willing to give it a try. I was impressed by the thoroughness of the intake, and Matt's bedside manner. After the visit, I was given an herbal formula to take for a week. Again, not expecting much, I took the formula. Well, I'll be damned if my nausea and heartburn didn't clear up in a couple of days! I went back for a couple of more weeks until I was given the all clear that the condition has resolved. Now, 4 years later, it hasn't come back. Whenever I have a problem, I go see Matt, and he patches right up. I never would have believed it 5 years ago! P.W. - Manitowoc, WI - Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatments

I'm really happy that I got the problem accurately diagnosed and taken care of, so that I could get on with my life.

Bottom line is, Matt is an excellent clinician. I consulted with Matt for severe, sports-induced hip pain. Being a registered nurse, I fear what would have likely happened if I went to urgent care… Well, I know all too well in fact, because I know the differential. I would have had an x-ray, which would have been inconclusive, and a diagnosis of either tendonitis, or bursitis. I would have been put on Ibuprofen for 10 days, with a follow-up MRI, if I wasn't better by then. I was really concerned I would have been laid up on crutches - hard to do when you work in the hospital. I'm really happy that I got the problem accurately diagnosed and taken care of, so that I could get on with my life. B.G. - Fitchburg, WI - Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatments
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Imagine a life not limited by pain; a life where you don’t need to wonder if you can play with your kids or grandkids; a life in which you don’t have to give up your favorite hobbies and sports or think twice about going for a hike, a life where injury doesn’t take you out of the game. This life is possible.

As a result of age and injury, your body can develop negative patterns of compensation. Even if this compensation was adaptive in the moment, it’s probably not helping you now. And yet your body is still acting it out. When this happens, we need to fundamentally change the underlying patterns. We need to show your body how to do its job better.

With acupuncture treatment, cupping therapy, tuina massage, and Chinese Herbal Medicine, we can retrain your physical and functional (energetic) body, changing the workings of nerves, muscles, and blood flow for optimal health and pain relief.

Relieve Pain

Have you ever felt that all of your symptoms relate? That when one thing in your life hurts or doesn’t work right, other things don’t either? You are absolutely right. Digestion, sleep, hormones, stress, etc. all impact one another. You can’t feel bad in one area, without feeling bad in the others.

If all things are connected, you may never make any headway treating them separately. Instead, chasing symptoms can make you feel crazy – and a lot worse. Maybe you’ve experienced this frustrating dead end first hand? I certainly have. In fact, complex, internal imbalances are the most common thing I encounter in the clinic, even in patients who are only seeking relief from pain.

Classical Chinese Medicine excels at these situations because it is a pattern-based medicine. This means that it does not treat simple, isolated symptoms. Rather, it treats a “symptom complex”, i.e. the interdependent relationship of ALL of your current symptoms. This symptom complex identifies the underlying pattern of imbalance, or pathology. If this underlying pattern is treated correctly and directly, then your symptoms, no matter how strange, should resolve.

Balance Internal Symptoms

Would you like to be more present and available in your life? Able to effectively use and not be blown about by your thoughts and feelings? Not triggered by negative events, people, memories, or self-perception?

Mindfulness Training is a powerful practice of developing awareness, clarity, and self-acceptance which liberates one from confused, painful, and limiting personal beliefs and old patterns of reaction. This is a genuine realization of the unity of mind and body, as one develops the clarity to see how unproductive mental patterns create and reinforce physical and internal patterns of dysfunction. With practice one develops the insight and will to be able to respond, (instead of react), in a healthy way to all of life’s various stressors. Following simple practices, it is possible to move from states of pain, contraction, and confusion, into authentic joy, freedom, and clarity.

Find out more about Mindfulness Training (one-on-one sessions) and group meditation we offer at Medicine Grove.

Connect Mind & Body